DMGT video wall

Beaver Group were invited to work with DMGT’s incumbent hardware supplier to re-vamp their Derry Street, London video wall. A new 4x3m 3.2mm pixel pitch LED wall was installed, with all new content created by us!

Exciting, dynamic, eye catching, and informative were a few of the content ‘must haves’ which we duly delivered.

The content shows live underground travel feeds, video stings for the different brands, share price and the front and back pages update and display the most recent stories.

When I first met the team from Beaver Group I was impressed with their creative and innovative approach. Throughout the process they were very easy to deal with and were very patient with our many requirements. I am really pleased with the solution Beaver Group have put in place for us and it’s certainly fulfilled our original objectives. The great thing is that we know the platform will enable us to keep adding more and more impactful content

Abi Slater – Communications Director for DMGT