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IKEA Rug sizer project at Milton Keynes store

In a continuation of our work for IKEA – we have recently launched a new solution at the Milton Keynes store, located in their rug and textiles department.  

IKEA understands that some customers sometimes cannot fully visualise the correct rug size that they need. This is because the rugs in store are suspended upright on display or rolled up for purchase. The measurements are readily available – but unlike other products in store – customers can’t easily see if it ‘looks right’.

To create a solution to this problem Beaver Group developed an intuitive and interactive concept which drives a bright NEC Laser projector to project the life-sized rug dimensions on the floor in front of the customer. This is all controlled via a 22″ interactive screen running a custom developed HTML app, linked to the platform.

The customer can either select a rug size manually or search via product code. In another useful innovation, they can also choose to overlay different furniture on the rug they have chosen to assist with properly gauging the right size.

For more detail on our projects and work with IKEA, please see our latest case study.