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Best In-Store Technology goes to…

Beaver Trison and ASUS have won this year’s In-store Technology of the Year Award at the Retail System Awards 2020 for the digital showroom solution which is deployed across their European stores. 

This prestigious award is for our digital platform and how we successfully helped an iconic and dynamic online brand to utilise the very best technology to transform their physical spaces into even more exciting, rewarding and engaging experiences!

Any showroom space would struggle to fully represent the vast range and selection of furniture, and as such it often represents only a very small percentage of MADE’s total available inventory. 

By using beautifully designed digital tables with large format 4K touchscreens and intuitive self order desks which offer glossy printed postcards and takeaways, the solution from Beaver Trison and ASUS transforms and enhances the retail furniture experience and they offer full access to every product and variation on offer across the entire range.