Digital Signage &
Interactive Kiosks

Organisations are engaging their customers and empowering their workforce.

Easy to

Configure, monitor and remotely troubleshoot all of your devices from one console


Chromeboxes & Chromebits encrypt your data and receive automatic security updates

to choose

Choose from a wide array of apps, devices and peripherals to fit your signage needs


Chromeboxes & Chromebits are built to keep working with simple, redundant architecture and no moving parts

simple, easy and made for you

Chrome for Work digital signage is a flexible and reliable platform – giving you complete control of the solution and how it works for you. With control of the hardware and content on the screens, it’s easy to manage, update and tailor to your needs. Live monitoring and playback means you can do as much, or as little as you want to.

Whether it’s one screen or thousands, Beaver Group and Chrome for Work is the easiest and most scalable way to manage your digital signage.

Chrome for Work

content, pricing and scheduling control

Change products, messages, prices – indeed change anything you like. Schedule content, give store managers specific control, mark things as sold out, run promotions – even change all your content at once! The flexibility is limitless to manage your digital signage and Chrome for Work gives you the platform you need to manage your menus exactly how you want to.

Manage devices easily with Chrome Device Management:
Deploy and control users and apps across 1000’s of devices with access to 24/7 technical support

Centrally pre-configure and Auto-launch apps
Centrally pre-install apps required for your users to get their work done. Configure apps to automatically launch when the device boots up and set up a default home page.

Centrally monitor health of devices
Monitor device health, receive alerts and notifications and advanced reports. Remotely reboot devices that need attention. For signage and kiosk solutions, manage devices with the $24 Single App Kiosk Chrome Device Management License.

Centrally configure networks on 1000s of devices
Configure anything from guest networks to WPA2 Enterprise networks to 1000s of devices in different locations. Configure proxies and other features to keep them safe.