Curzon Cinemas

Cinema + Bar

Beaver Group were contracted by Curzon Cinemas in late 2013 to provide a range of digital solutions for their Victoria site. The £3 million new site is a five screen cinema at the heart of Victoria (designed in an early Modernist style, but with a contemporary twist).  

Since the original installation Beaver Group have expanded Curzons digital portfolio to Soho, Canterbury, Sheffield, Renoir/Bloomsbury and Aldgate.

Each site is beautifully unique in appearance, with new sites using a different interior designer at each, but maintaining  a consistent digital approach throughout.

Curzon sites feature a mixture of external facing totem screens, iPads for playback of independent movies, video walls, bar screens, ambient background audio, digital readographs and projectors, with one location featuring a bespoke 1950’s vintage Digital Signage unit – all provided, installed and supported by Beaver Group.

Content Design and Templates

Beaver Group also provided a wide range of templates and content for Curzon sites all in keeping with the brands guidelines. Using Beaver Groups ‘Autograph’ system, this allows local store Managers and their team access to control and update their screens – all the while giving Head Office an overview and control over content.

Using the easy to use interface sites update film promotions and times, bar promotions, film marketing material and the digital readograph.

TV Renovation Project

As part of the development for Curzon Canterbury Beaver Group sourced, renovated and converted a 1950’s TV and cabinet into a modern day digital signage system. Like all of our systems and screens within Curzon, this screen is addressable and managed via the same Content Managment System Autograph. We documented the process, and you can see our work in the video below:

Curzon cinemas


Installation Date: April 2014

What’s installed:

  • Custom 3×55” High-Bright Readergraph Video Wall
  • High Bright Window Totem
  • 2x Bar Screens
  • Lounge Area Screen
  • Cinema Room
  • Projectors

Best feature: The custom Readergraph, which is mounted to the ceiling, approximately 5m high.


Installation Date: August 2014

What’s installed:

  • 2x High Bright Window Totems
  • 2x Poster Screens
  • 2x Bar Screens (recessed)

Best feature: The high-bright window screens facing onto Shaftsbury Avenue


Installation Date: September 2014

What’s installed:

  • Recessed Bar Screen
  • Portrait Poster Screen
  • Vintage TV

Best feature: The retrofitted vintage TV, with commercial hardware inside – which looks like an old style TV


Installation Date: December 2014

What’s installed:

  • Cinema Room screen
  • Two recessed mini video walls in lobby
  • Bar Screen

Best feature: Recessed video walls in lobby as a seamless part of the architectural design of the wall

Renoir / Bloomsbury

Installation Date: February 2015

What’s installed:

  • 4x Bar Screens
  • 3x Individually controllable ‘Doc House’ screens, with iPads and audio headsets
  • Audio Background Music System in bars

Key feature: Custom housed iPads, individually controlling Smart TVs for individual ‘Doc House’ screenings


Installation Date: January 2017

What’s installed:

  • Custom housed, 2×2 High-Bright Readergraph video wall in front window
  • 2x Bar Screens
  • 1x Spillway Poster
  • 3x Projectors
  • Sonos based (iPad controlled) background music in lobby

Key feature: The high-bright video wall readergraph and the cinema entrance