Since 2001 Beaver Group has worked closely with leading provider of telecommunication and data communication systems, Ericsson. Beaver Group has provided a corporate communications system for Ericsson’s locations across the UK and Ireland, known as the Marketing Unit for North West Europe, as well as advanced audio visual systems throughout their buildings.

The digital signage distributes a range of content, including Ericssons internal corporate TV (Spotlight TV), SKY News and live ‘all employee’ briefings from the MD, which stream via the web.


In 2010, Beaver Group completed the installation of a new and comprehensive digital signage and audio visual network at Ericssons European headquarters in Guildford. This formed part of a large scale project, designed to modernise the building for the modern way of working at Ericsson.

Working closely with the architects, builders and contractors, the finished head office is an advanced centre with a variety of communication and AV solutions for staff and visitors.

Digital signage

Throughout the Guildford building, screens in key areas display Ericsson?s internal corporate TV ? Spotlight TV. The content of the channel is a carefully managed selection of internal, external and social news, designed to work in conjunction with other strands of communication such as the corporate intranet, social media and external news sources (BBC, Sky News etc).

The brand was developed from the core Ericsson brand guidelines to inter-connect these different strands via the dynamic screen content. These different feeds can then be referenced coherently and fed across different zones in the building, both in Guildford as well as the other sites in the network.

The screens are also used for live events, such as all employee meetings and general announcements. These meetings are typically held in Guildford and streamed to each site.

Audio visual

In addition to the digital signage, Beaver Group also provided a range of audio visual services.

The corporate boardroom is a fully featured and controlled environment, including AV, lighting and curtain control from a Crestron touchscreen console.

Guests to the building are welcomed in the Business Lounge. This area is used by Ericsson to demonstrate the latest innovations. This area uses cutting edge technology to aid this requirement. Networked LCD screens, directional audio and a dedicated AV presentation area make this a truly exciting technical showcase.

Screens and interactive whiteboards have also been provided for the many meeting rooms in the building, each run via custom floor box and desk cabling systems.