Gourmet Burger Kitchen: Kidzania


What was the brief

Beaver Group were asked by Gourmet Burger Kitchen to provide a digital menu and order collection solution for their new store at the Kidzania experience. The digital menu solution needed to integrate with their EPOS system, provide an easy to use method for updating a digital screen and to notify customers when their order is ready for collection.

What we developed

Working with their marketing and commercial team, Beaver Group designed and built a system which utilised 46” digital menus running Scala, linked with a 32” order collection screen, driven through a Google Chromebox. This system then combines with a custom built order management server which is operated via two iPads (one by the drinks area, one on the counter), enabling staff to see when an order is taken via the tills, and to mark when food and drinks in that order are ready for collection.

When an order is marked as ‘Ready’, the number appears in large type on the order collection screen, and after a short while, joins a group of order numbers which are also ready for collection, if there are any.

The design team worked closely with the GBK marketing team to design the custom order management look-and-feel, and worked hard to ensure the screen and order number we clearly visible from distance within the seating area at GBK Kidzania.

Our work with GBK was shortlisted for QSR / Bar or Restaurant Deployment at the 2015 DailyDOOH Gala.

seamless digital menus and order management with a clear customer journey has facilitated quicker service and a premium experience for the customer.

Robin Critchley, Operations Director, Beaver Group