Piccadilly Circus

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Iconic location

Piccadilly Circus is a bustling centerpiece of London which connects numerous famous streets and areas in London’s busy West End.

Among other things, Piccadilly Circus is known for its big, spectacular advertising signs on the north-western corner between Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. In the recent past most of these boards were neon signs, but these have gradually been replaced with LED screens over the last decade.

Piccadilly lights

Digital content management company MT2 and system integrator Beaver Group were already familiar with various LED technology, as they had previously worked on another Barco LED billboard at Piccadilly Circus in 2009 РPiccadilly Lite.

4 of the 6 LED billboards for TDK, Hyundai, McDonalds and Piccadilly 1 are supported by Beaver Group, and use the Scala content management system to ensure seamless and reliable playback of content. Using this system, a variety of media formats can be played at the locations, providing complete flexibility for the creative agencies involved. The hardware is also fully redudent and Beaver Group maintains the highest levels of up-time.

100% reliability

At this premium location, reliability and quality, seamless playback is absolutely critical. Beaver Group uses a number of backup systems to ensure that the playback on the TDK, Hyundai, McDonalds and Piccadilly 1 screens is reliable and uninterrupted.

In addition, the quality of the content playback is maintained by using market leading software as well as technology which is customised exclusively for the location.

Managed content

The content which plays on the screens is easily managed via the Scala system and being able to play a range of different media types, means that the content producers for this site have complete flexibility, which leads to better content and more impact for the site owners.

Beaver Group are proud to be the long-standing system integrators for this high status location, providing new technologies and a variety of content for global and national brands.

Brands want to be noticed, especially in an area like Piccadilly Circus, where there is already so much to look at

Neill Macklin, MT2