Showcase Cinema De Lux

Showcase Southampton

Opening Night

Thursday 16th February saw the official opening of Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton. Showcase Cinema de Lux Southampton is a new 10 screen cinema in Westquay Shopping Centre. The Cinema is the first in the UK to have laser projection and Dolby Atmos™ as standard in every screen, as well as fully customisable electric recliners and a super-sized XPlus screen.

Beaver Group provided digital concession screens, live box office signage screens, video walls, digital one-sheets as well as a unique 40 screen curved and ‘flying’ video wall installation in the main foyer.


Daily DOOH Gala Awards 2017

Daily DOOH Gala Awards 2017

Best Stadium / Office Building / Corporate / Hotel, Hospitality or Leisure Install 2017 Category
AV Awards 2008

AV Awards 2008

Digital Signage Project of the Year 2008 Category


AV Awards 2018

AV Awards 2018

Leisure and Hospitality Project of the Year Category

Apex Awards

Apex Awards

Finalist for our ongoing project at Showcase Cinemas
Retail Business Show Awards

Retail Business Show Awards

Digital Signage Category

Video Wall

The ‘flying’ video wall is a great example of the complex and intricate installations Beaver Group deliver – we were challenged with creating this one of a kind installation for the main lobby by Showcase Cinema and their architects, JTDA. In May 2016 Beaver Group began work on the initial concepts for the installation, producing isometric models, concept drawings, 3D renders and test videos.

Mounted over 11 metres high in the lobby using a complex steel cable suspension system, the video wall canvas displays content at a massive 8K resolution.

The Beaver Group in-house motion graphics team conceptualised and produced the content using a mixture of 3D animation, motion graphics, photography and distributor supplied assets.

Box Office & Digital Onesheets

Running across 6 dedicated screens at the Box Office area, we integrated with Showcase Cinemas live ticket data providing realtime show information and ticket availability, which dynamically updates throughout the day.

Displaying across multiple levels and locations at the new Cinema de Lux, our poster screens show a blend of Showcase messages, latest film promotions, trailers and concession promotions.

Showcase - Box Office
Showcase Cinema de Lux
Showcase Cinema de Lux - Game Changer

Concessions and Bar

Beaver Group installed 21 screens across concession stands, bars and party rooms in the Cinema. The concession stands feature synchronized content running across multiple screens acting as one single canvas.

The content for the concession stands was developed and shot in-house using Beaver Group’s custom built kitchen studio using a 2K Phantom Flex camera. Filming the content using such a high-speed camera allowed us to create dramatic super-slow-motion content running across multiple screens as a single canvas.

Showcase - Bar
Showcase - Concession Stands

Local Control

Beaver Group’s gives the local store manager the ability to manage products and promotions, such as Film Combos (which are a limited time offer) and mark items as sold out/remove items from screen. This central system also allows Head Office to maintain and manage products across their entire estate whilst still allowing local store level updates and changes.

Showcase - Lobby
Showcase - TV Screen Wall