Beaver Trison delivers pitchside at Wembley

Beaver Trison partnership with The FA expands to further enhance the digital experience at Wembley Stadium.

In addition to the successful creative partnership for the iconic in-bowl and external LED screens at Wembley Stadium, Beaver Trison have been selected to create unique and dynamic digital content for the pitchside, mid-tier and ribbon LEDs at Wembley Stadium for the range of games this magnificent venue hosts. The England vs Wales International Friendly marks the inaugural game in which we assumed responsibility for the digital LED experience as a whole.

With the continued covid restrictions in place for stadia necessitating the unfortunate absence of fans in the physical space, the digital element of the overall experience has been thrown into sharp relief. Eye-catching, relevant content is more important than ever as it contributes to a sense of atmosphere for those watching via live broadcast.

We’re excited to have Beaver working on content for our perimeter LEDs, following their brilliant and innovative work on our LED screens to date.

Greg Sullivan, Marketing Manager – England and Wembley Stadium

We are incredibly proud and excited to expand our partnership with The FA, as well as our role as the creative custodians for Wembley Stadium’s LED assets, with the addition of the perimeter LEDs that run around this iconic space.

James Bragg, Creative Director - Beaver Trison

There’s huge potential to enhance the matchday experience through our digital content at both Wembley Stadium and on the road, and we’re looking forward to see what we can achieve in collaboration with Beaver over the next season.

Greg Sullivan, Marketing Manager – England and Wembley Stadium