The Restaurant Marketer and Innovator Summit 2020

We were proud to partner with RMI to support the agenda, driving innovation and growth in the restaurant and hospitality sector.

Beaver Trison’s CEO Peter Critchley was on hand delivering two separate talks at Google’s Head Office and at One Moorgate Place as part of RMI 2020.

Firstly Peter discussed ‘Smart Content and Campaigns in an offline world’ as part of RMI’s Technology Masterclass at Google’s London HQ. This covered the opportunity and evolution of digital relevance, dynamic pricing, contextual promotions and how machine learning and analytics are transforming the customer journey.

The following day, at the main RMI European Summit at One Moorgate Place, Peter examined the ‘The Evolution of Intelligent Spaces’; discussing the growing consumer expectation of seamless and valuable experiences in intelligent retail spaces. The session then explored how these can be delivered through digital platforms – including speech and AI technologies.

If you are interested in future RMI events, such as the Amsterdam Masterclass on 11th Feb, then keep an eye on their website: