Trison acquires Beaver Group

The TRISON Group consolidates its leadership of Europe’s audiovisual integration sector with the acquisition of the UK’s Beaver Group

  • The move will bring a further boost for the Galician business group’s capacity in the areas of audiovisual content conceptualisation, design and production following the acquisition of the French company TMM Communication six months ago.
  • This latest addition to the group will increase its presence in the UK, the leading market in the digitisation of physical spaces and customer experiences.
  • The acquisition will add to the business group’s expertise in the QSR, Leisure and Entertainment sectors.

A Coruña (Spain), 13 th May –The TRISON Group has completed the acquisition of the UK company Beaver Group, a leader in the creation of customer experience audiovisual solutions based on cutting-edge display and interactive technologies. This move will further consolidate TRISON’s position at the forefront of Europe’s physical space and customer experience digitisation sector, following the acquisition of French company TMM Communication six months ago.

Based in A Coruña (Spain), TRISON is the world leader in physical space digitisation based on the integration of visual and sound systems, scent marketing and other bespoke solutions for the retail, car, hospitality and real estate sectors. It boasts 26 years of experience endorsed by more than 14,000 projects in 100 countries.

Today the company has 12 subsidiaries around the world, is staffed by a team of 250 professionals and has consolidated its role as a technology partner for leading multinational brands and international names including the INDITEX GROUP and all its retail chains around the world, TOUS, IKEA, NEW BALANCE, C&A, MERLIN PROPERTIES, TOYOTA, PORSCHE, MERCEDES BENZ, AUDI, CITROËN, AVIS, AIR FRANCE, BNP PARIBAS, BANKINTER, CARREFOUR, ESTÉE LAUDER, SEPHORA, KENZO, NOVARTIS, ROCHE, SHISEIDO, ARENAL, PRIMOR, SANEF and BALÈARIA.

In turn, Beaver Group is a digital agency specialising in customer experiences, headquartered in the UK county of Hertfordshire. Set up more than 20 years ago, today Beaver has a team of 36 professionals delivering engaging, personalised and creative solutions in the FMCG, QSR, entertainment, retail, hospitality and corporate sectors, amongst others. The move consolidates TRISON’s position in the UK, a rapidly expanding market in the customer experience and physical space digitisation sectors, whilst also consolidating its leading position in Europe.

Alberto Cáceres, TRISON’s CEO stated “Here at TRISON we are proud to be associated with companies with an outstanding and proven professional track record. The TRISON Group is increasing its range of key skills and solutions, consolidating the group’s growth and taking its expertise to the UK market, the biggest in Europe. The integration of Beaver Group enables TRISON to consolidate its goal of playing a significant role in the digital revolution as a global technology partner, boosting its capacity for delivering solutions in terms of audiovisual content conceptualisation, design and production whilst also enabling Beaver Group to operate on an international scale”.

Peter Critchley, Beaver Group’s CEO and co-founder pointed out that “The formal alliance of TRISON, TMM and Beaver Group as one company is a truly exciting moment for our clients, partners and the wider industry. The days of local integrators and solution providers working with a fragmented approach to this maturing market are now gone, as clients rightly expect their digital partner to deliver a truly end-to-end, integrated, professional and experience-led solution – worldwide.

With our newly-expanded global team, industry-leading expertise in digital signage and a proven focus on measurable customer experience, the whole team and I are very excited about the future and delivering many more of these world-class projects!”

About Trison

TRISON is the world leader in physical space digitisation. An international operation, combined with long-standing, proven experience provide this company with the ability to advise on, design, deliver and oversee innovation technology-based solutions around the world.

  • More than 14,000 completed acoustic and digital signage projects
  • Present in 100 countries
  • Handling 2,500 project a year around the world
  • 250 employees
  • 26 years’ experience

About Beaver Group

Beaver Group is a digital agency specialising in customer experiences based in Hertfordshire, UK. Since 1998, the company has been sharing its passion for design, digital media and signage. Staffed by an experienced team of 36 digital project experts, designers, developers and technical engineers, it delivers engaging, creative bespoke solutions for all its customers, including England’s Football Association; retailers’ IKEA; leisure and entertainment operators Odeon and Showcase Cinemas; SSP in the QSR sector; and hospitality sector operators Premier Inn.

Over the last twenty years it has successfully implemented hundreds of projects throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as a growing number in Europe, Asia and the USA. Their achievements have earned them various awards from organisations such as Marketing Week, AV Magazine, Daily DOOH and POPAI.


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