Upper Crust and Ritazza Video Campaigns

In a continuation of our work with SSP, we recently produced a set of video based campaigns across both their Upper Crust and Ritazza brands. Utilising the video based assets and mixed with a clear content strategy we saw a significant uplift in sales, compared with non-digital or ‘standard’ animated content. In a bid to give you a peek ‘behind the curtain’ here’s our approach and journey…


After conducting research and outlining a clear content strategy,  we decided on our goals for the campaign which would form the foundation of everything we created:

  • Targeting the ‘experimental / millennial ’ audience
  • Bold bright use of colour
  • High impact and fast paced
  • Visually interesting and engaging
  • Each shot will be direct and telling the story of each beverage
  • We will convey clearly that the product is a delicious treat, tasty and refreshing


As with all of our production work, after our approach and outline was created, we started work on storyboarding each piece. We wanted to simply tell the ‘story’ of how each drink was created – with a well-paced simple message and to not over-complicate the screen with graphics.Once the story and shoot list was agreed, we created final visualisations of final ‘frame’ for each promotion. We wanted the background for each piece to clearly reflect the product – the Raspberry & Mint Ice tea used the garnish colour to lift the product from the screen (with a contrast against the Raspberry colour) – with the Oreo Smore’s piece clearly reflecting the brand colour of the Oreo packaging.


As with any food shoot, you need a lot of the product – almost vast quantities of the product (especially if it’s perishable) – in order to get each shot. You may go through anywhere between 2-10 takes to capture that perfect moment per shot.

To achieve the desired background (the Oreo blue and mint green) – we decided to shoot everything on a green/blue screen. This allowed us to change the background colour in post production.  We also used our in-house motion production team to translate some of our shots with 3D motion graphics.

Once everything was shot, edited, colour corrected and keyed, the promotion was set live across both Ritazza and Upper Crust digital estates.

Final result

Following go-live, and closely monitored and compared against our control stores, both the campaigns for Raspberry Ice Tea and Oreo S’mores have been an overwhelming success. We saw a clear and significant uplift in for each product VS Control Stores VS transactions.

Along with a clear and well defined digital content strategy, well realised video-based creative from an experienced team, such as Beaver Group, will give you a significant and measurable return. To understand about the impact video content can help with your brand – please get in touch with the team.